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3-D Scientific is a new high technology company. Our dream is to live on a clean planet without pollution, a place that has green forests, wet lands, full lakes; clean air and clean water for our grandchildren and future generations. Our director Mr. H is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience and sound knowledge. He specializes in clean energy technology. He worked for more than 30 years in electric-mechanical manufacturing and clean energy technology. He also owns a technology Company in Taiwan.

3-D Scientific's focus on renewable energy is at the forefront of America's prosperous economic recovery. Mr. H has invented magnet driven motor vehicles, water purifier, heated fabric, and solar systems. Our futuristic innovations will help advance clean tech knowledge for the whole country, plus possible leading position in manufacturing of magnet driven motor wheel green vehicles.

Our expertise and new high tech inventions will result in job creation, energy savings, and pollution reduction. The magnet driven motor vehicle can save up to 60% oil consumption, plus save energy and reduce pollution. With our success, we could bring jobs and wealth to local communities as well as all Californians.

A power-saving technology
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